Sunday, 12 January 2014

Ecclesiarchy Tank Project part deux (part 2)

One happy hour was spent this afternoon chopping bits up for this project. This is an overview photo. Necessary tools can be seen. The yellow tip of the handle of the GW clippers in the top centre. The cheap knife at the mid right, and below the GW saw, while at the top left is the glass of wine, (Yes I am 18+, it is OK in the UK for US readers).

The project took shape this afternoon. Ecclesiarchy bits are from the Sanctum Imperialis kit. Lots of debris created as can be seen in this pic. Chopping bits of plastic here is usually done away from the painting table. Lumps of plastic in the paint is typically a bad idea. Concepts for the side doors, top, front armour, immolator weapon were created.

The Immolator weapon will still be crewed by an assigned Adepta Sororita to technically get around Imperial regulations. The bits box has a spare Immolator turret from the 2 Exorcists the Sisters have here.

Looking at the side doors, the figures have been clipped from the Sanctum wall  section seen below the side doors. The actual door has been cut from the interior doors of the Rhino kit and positioned behind the monkish figures on the exterior.

For the glacis plate of the front Rhino armour one of the complete Sanctum Imperialis wall sections will replace the classic dip and reinforce Rhino front armour.

For the top surface of the Rhino tombs of Saints were carved from the Imperial Doors of the Sanctum Imperialis kit. More tombs might be added to the track covers.

There are more bits to cut out to complete the components and much sanding down of components to complete for assembly. In addition if the rear ramp is to be movable an Imperial Shrine for the interior of the Rhino is needed.

Most of the concepts have been covered so far apart from the weapons.

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