Monday, 29 August 2011

Sisters of Battle Seraphim and their Bases

When the original, to Artificer's Workshop, boxed set of Seraphim arrived a few years ago the attachment of the feet to the jump to the base was seen to be naff. The Seraphim seemed unable to get higher than a tired child could jump. With little further addoo the feet were cut clear from the base attachments and the minis made up as if they were on the jump. Some time passed as other SoB minis were acquired and added to the army.

Eventually a latent dissatisfaction surfaced. The Sister Superior. While the other minis were reasonably cool the I am pointing my power sword to the side pose grated on the overall coolness of the squad. It made no difference to performance on the table top none the less but it detracted from the hip poses of the other girls. Browsing eBay and the GW site it became apparent that an alternative Sister Superior existed and was cooler, plasma pistol and power sword pointing up. She looked as if she planned to serenely jump over her enemies and then plasma them in the back.

At the moment the prices of the SoB minis on the GW site is exorbitant. Looking on eBay for a bargain demonstrated that prices there for single SoB minis were as bad as on the GW site. You know - auctions that start at 0.99p with 1.99 p&p for a basic bolter foot grunt SoB mini. That's a minimum of 2.98 for mini with no special attributes - 2nd user and perhaps needing a strip paint job. From GW at 10.75 for a pack of 3 makes £3.58 per mini, no p&p required. So the start cost of many eBay used SoB minis is only 0.60p less than that of GW. Doh. On eBay amazingly many when p&p is added in go for more than buying from GW. Duh. Perhaps many eBayers do not realise that GW still sell SoBs.

Anyway to shorten a long story I bid not for one but for 5 as no one seemed interested in this auction - after all any spare could be sold at profit on eBay. And I got a bargain - a squad of 5 for £12.50 including p&p - makes it £2.50 per mini £1.08 less than basic SoB minis and when you think about Seraphim its just over £5.00 per mini less. In the end 4 are keepers, so one of the 5 and one of the originals, the sister superior are going on ebay and the Seraphim squad is growing to 8 from 5 with a plasma pistol instead of a boltpistol.

Moving on to the the bases which is why this post was started. Here the preference is for the Seraphim to show a bit of shapely leg with a good bit of air under. Some thin wire, courtesy of paper clips and the GW pin drill forms the basis of this procedure. The base end of the wire is curled into a loop and superglued flat to the plastic base. A coin in supeglued inside the base and polyfilla is used to elevate the base surface and add some extra ballast for the metal minis floating impailed on the unfolded paper clip several inches above the table. The point end of the metal post is slotted into a hole drilled in the tabard or foot of the Seraphim. Here below is the original squad, now sundered as the Sister Superior has been cashiered.

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