Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sisters of Battle Exorcist and Sororitas Command Squad

The Exorcist is now close to finishing. There are two brass plinths above the side doors that have icons to be attached and there is a bit of touching up to finalise it, but it seems to finally have acquire the baroque quality that has been sought in the rhinos and the Immolator.

Here is how the Exorcist now looks -

In addition a Sororitas Command Squad has been acquired. 5 Celestinians led by a sister superior all mounted with the Cannoness in an Immolator. The actual banner bearing mini seems to have dropped from the GW catalogue. On ebay the mini and banners go for exorbitant prices. Here I have chosen to have a banner implanted beside the SoB. The banner has been made in paint supplied with windows and printed on a cheap printer. Looks acceptable. As the latest WD has missed its deadline here its not yet known if this level of hardware is still allowed in a Cannonesses body guard. Finally another SoB project is also on the go. While attempting to get another Seraphim on ebay somehow 5 were acquired. Actually they were a bargain. Single Seraphim minis seemed to go for £4 plus while 5 were obtained for a tenner. 4 are for keeping and one to be returned to ebay.


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