Monday, 20 June 2011

Sisters of Battle - Heavy Flamer almost complete

Here is a round up of the SoBs work in process. First off with a list. Totalling 1210 points using Army Builder. Also I have just noticed that a multimelta may not yet be a legal option for a squad of Sisters. May change with the upcoming rewrite of the Codex, I hope. The arbitrators joined the list to give the priest someone to attach to. No sense in having a priest filling the SoBs with bolters with so called righteous fury. Does not matter too much with shotguns, and can hold objectives.

The plan is to fill out the points with at least one more Exorcist and a 3rd SoB troops choice. After that if possible a third Exorcist. And then more celestinians and a dominion squad perhaps. Depends on the points values after the rewrite. Below is a glimpse of them all together. Click on the image to obtain the full picture. Must learn more HTML

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