Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sisters of Batlle some more Progress

Work on the second squad has gone forward fitfully what with this and that requiring my time else where. So here is where it is up to, which is close to finishing but needing some detailing and tidying up in the main.

Also on the table are the spare arbitrators minis are being painted up in similar colours to theme the army and give it a bit of variation.

Elsewhere on the www rumours of a new release of the SOB codex in WD over the summer abound. There are also some images of what appears to be a draft version of the codex incorporating some changes . There is also a rumour that Inquisitor Lord Karamazov (The Pyrophant Judge of Salem Proctor), the second bit of his title has been dropped in the Grey Knights codex, is scheduled to be in the next round of finecast minis, something that here in Artificers Workshop we are all looking forward to.

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