Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sisters of Battle Exorcist and the 100th Post

The workshop has reached a mile stone - the 100th post. The blog has been going since November 2007. Another few months and it will have managed 4 years. Considering what to put on this 100th post I wondered about using some of the best viewed images form previous posts, but then while it is interesting at least to the Workshop it may not be to you as you may well have seen them already. The first post actually featured an Immolator that took until August 2008 to finish. Hence in an act of symmetry this 100th will feature an update on the Exorcist that is on the bench at the moment. Work on this mini started in November 2010. To maintain the symmetry I must finish it by August this year. Despite blogging and modelling for 4 years clearly the workshop has not managed to speed up! Unsuprising since the operational parameters of Artificers Workshop are unchanged.

Any way here is where the Exorcist is upto :

 And just to finish here is the picture from the last 99 posts that has got the greatest number of hits : - 4535

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