Sunday, 22 May 2011

Sisters of Battle Round Up

Painting and collecting a variety of 40k Inquisition and abhuman related forces gives a magnificent variety of models and figures to acquire and even to use in apocalyps type battles. But it means each force progresses so so slowly. Here is the sitrep for my Sisters of Battle force that has been in Gestation for 4 years. As you can see below. One HQ, 3 troops choices, one of which is not quite completed, 2 heavy support completed, one fast attack, one elite. It is possible that the whole force organisation will have to change in the face of a new codex come the autumn. Never mind the fun is in the collecting an completing.

Here they are :                                                    HQ

                                                                  Troops Choices

                                                                      Fast Attack

                                                              Heavy Support


Scary ladies. A bit like the lady I chatted with last night.

What next for the Sisters firstly there is an Exorcist on the painting table and after that I like the Inquisitor Karamazov mini as a second HQ choice. Then some more Seraphim. Competition listing has nothing to do with this collection.

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