Sunday, 15 May 2011

Sisters of Battle Again and Steel Legion Commissar from Forgeworld

Painting has been glacial for a few weeks. Dog minding for a friend for a week and sightseeing in Prague for another week. Now its back to the bleak war is all there is 40k Universe and 2 of the on the table projects. The second Sisters squad is beginning to shape up or at least the end is now in sight. Finishing up is one of the pleasure of painting. Doing all those last details and touching up everything and every bit that has accidentally been forgotten. This is more fun that starting on a squad. Anyway here is where the 2nd Sisters Squad is up to at the moment.

Two heavy weapns have also been acquired and started. One for each of the Sisters squads. So only early progress with this one. Base colours are Knarlock green given a green wash to darken and tone. Boltgun metal given a wash with devlan mud to define the metal.

Finally a little bit of work on a Kreig Commissar from Forgeworld.  This is an exquisite mini and the plan is to paint it in with the Steel Legion project. Suprisingly it appears that a company command squad cannot be allocated a Commissar, only platoon command squads. A Lord Commissar as an HQ choce could of course join any squad. Being a Lord Commissar will suit this mini.

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