Saturday, 7 May 2011

Simple Scenery

A lot of time and effort can go into making scenery. Battles can be fought with pleasure with minimal scenery.
If part of the pageant of enjoyment is viewing the minis that have been laboured over in a suitable setting then some scenery is needed. And it usually needs to be made quickly and easily from common materials. Here is some. Materials used were newspaper, kitchen roll paper, wall paper paste, aquarium plants, polyfilla (which in the UK is a fast setting easily available DIY shop wall and plasterwork crack filler), and some hardboard from discarded cheap picture and photograph frame backing. Here is what the results look like.

These bits are about 10 years old. OK, the tower of black rocks is newspaper torn up, mixed with wallpaper paste and squeezed in to the shapes seen. Shapes may vary. Then left to dry. Glued into a tower, or any other agglomeration of pieces. Once the glue is set sprayed black with citadel black spray and when dry, dry brushed up with codex grey. The bases are all the other bases is a bit of hard board cut with a large pair of strong scissors in to an irregular shape, sand glued on with PVA glue and pointed with goblin green and dry brushed yellow.

The bushes are aquarium plants fixed into mounds of polyfilla, then sanded and painted as above. Finally the trees. The trunks are kitchen roll sheets soaked in wallpaper glue and twisted in to a ribbed pipe. Once dry the trunks were set in to a mound of polyfilla with root like trails leading away from the trunks. The bases were sanded and painted as before. Small bits of aquarium plant were glued to the tops of the trunks. The trunks were painted red and washed with brown ink to produce alien type colouration.

Skill required to produce these bits was virtually zero. Hope you consider they are effective as I do.

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