Friday, 7 January 2011

Steel Legion Meltaguns #3

The meltagunner saga for the Steel Legion continues. I have a fondness for IG meltaguns as a consequence of the character of Jurgen. A Forgeworld Krieg meltagun has been acquired. This one has a hand holding it from below. New arms have been fashioned from spare Warhammer militia arms. The size of these arms is appropriate for the Steel Legion minis. The plastic arms have been pinned and superglued in postition with joins yet to be filled with green stuff. Here is how it is along with the pictures of the first metagunner conversion. The next project for the Steel Legion is a heavy flamer conversion.

Latest Meltagunner conversion

Previous meltagunner conversion


palehorse said...

sweet sweet melta gun rocker!!!

Artificer said...

Have you seen the heavy flamer conversion?