Monday, 3 January 2011

Imperial Guard Platoon or Lord Commisar Belisimite's Personal Army

This is a personal project that has been progressing since the previous Imperial Guard codex. The idea of chem dogs, imperial guard troopers imprisoned, disciplined and given courage through the involuntary utilisation chem inhalers seemed to be the ethos of the dark millenium of 40k.The Imperium having unwittingly unleashed and then at the last gasp opposed the powers of Chaos sways on the edge separating stasis and slow entropy from a precipitously inevitable descent into disaster, obliteration and assimilation. In this ethos the end justifies the means on most occasions. Parts of the Imperial forces therefore themselves teeter on the edge of disaster. They may fight for the dead god emperor or for the forces opposed, depending on circumstances. Here lies the origin of the Belisimite personal army for Lord Commissar Vlod Belisimite.

There is still a bit to do :::

The command squad :-
Yes that's a meltagun next to the officer and the grenade launcher will also be metlagun in the near future.

Squad #1 - Sergeant with demolition charge, missile launcher and grenade launcher, shortly to be a meltagun.

Squad#2 - Missile launcher and grenade launcher, soon to be a meltagun.

Squad#3 - Heavy Bolter, and flamer.

Squad #4 - Heavy Bolter and flamer.

Evey mini in this platoon is a conversion as are all the minis in the next troop choices.

Second Troop Choice - Penal Legion Squad #1 -

Third Troop Choice - Penal Legion Squad #2 -

Finally the conscripts -

It is a dirty and dark millenium and Lord Commissar Vlod Belisimite needs a mini to encourage his personal redemption.

There is a bit to go with this one but hopefully it will be completed extra soon.


Anonymous said...

How did you paint all those please show a tutorial and the paints and the paint brands like Vallejo and Games Workshop nice army

Artificer said...

Hey Anonymous. Thanks for the interest. I'll take that suggestion on as an idea for a future post. I can tell you at the moment that all the paints are games workshop, basic colours from the now discontinued ranges.