Sunday, 23 January 2011

Steel Legion Heavy Flamer

Using the same base figure as for the meltagun conversions, that is the sergeant mini that comes with the boxed Steel Legion set, here is a heavy flamer conversion. The flamer parts come from the Cadian flamers and the arms again from the Empire militia. Everything is patched together with green stuff and the component arms are pinned and superglued for strength. Painting is still required but the whole Steel Legion is marking time until all the conversions required are completed.
Beside the heavy flamer are the 2 meltagunner conversions and a sniper rifle conversion. By the way don't pay the silly prices that Steel Legion minis are going for on ebay. The sergeants generally get £5 to £8 sterling plus p&p and individual minis up to £3 each. Heavy weapons teams can command up to £10. But the basic Steel Legion squad is still available from GW under collectors for £20.50 at the moment. It should be possible to buy from GW and sell on the unwanted components for a profit!

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