Saturday, 15 May 2010

Production Switch

Remember the Steel Legion minis being stripped at least a year ago. More minis have been accumulated via ebay. There are enough now to have 2 platoons, each of 2 squads, plus a Command HQ platoon with 2 heavy support squads, if allowed, one with lascannons and one with missile launchers.

The time between then and now has been spent on other projects and also on considering any modifications to the squads and how to paint them.

Anyway here are the 3 command squads. Given the paucity of Steel Legion officer minis from GW, the question was how can one of the 2 officer variants be converted minimally to appear as the senior officer.

The paint job is not yet finished. The colour scheme is close to that of the classic GW minis. Spot the sniper rifle conversion and meltagun conversions.

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