Friday, 30 April 2010

More Sisters of Battle

Just posing to mark their acceptance into the troops choice list. Besides that I posted a while ago regarding stripping paint from steel legion minis. Yes they are in the schedule and are progressing, the camera has just not found them yet. Back to stripping, I decided to try to paint strip some plastic cadians quickly painted some time ago to a very basic table top standard for a campaign. Lo and behold tesco dettol equivalent strips plastic minis as well and without softening the plastic but only if they were base coated with GW white primer. For reasons I don't recall now some were primed with black GW primer. With the latter the topcoats of paint were removed but the black primer became a sticky smear over the plastic. I have left the 3 black primed minis in some more dettol to see what might happen with a longer soak.

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