Saturday, 24 April 2010

Penal Legion Squad - Almost Done

Here they are in action :

I am quite pleased they way these minis have turned out so far as they were created from the bits box. The heads were catachian or warhammer militia, the torsos cadian, catachian or warhammer militia and the legs were mainly cadian with 3 conversions. The poses are supposed to be characterful. The eyes have been deliberately left white to show the desperation and berserker madness of these troopers forced through the explosive collars to redeem themselves by their own inescapable mortality on the battle field.

The minis still need a bit of hard edging on the shoulder pads and some insignia there. To accompany the identity tattos on their foreheads I thought that in Hells Own, Penal Legion 666 the official description of their crimes might be inscribed on one of their shoulder pads to accompany them to their battle field redemption.

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