Monday, 14 June 2010

Penal Legion and Steel legion

For now a second squad of penal legion have been constructed from the bits box, while the steel legion paint job progresses. Here is the Steel Legion Command HQ with senior officer on veteran with a sniper rifle, one with a meltagun, one with a grenade launcher and a medic. The paucity of Steel Legion officers left me with the question of how too identify one as a senior officer. This has been done by making his helmet slightly more ornate and adding 2 death heads as rank badges to a side sash painted on his greatcoat.  Simple but effective.

And here are the second penal legion squad, close up and then a long shot

The models are plastic and have been stripped using Tesco's own dettol equivalent. This is quite good with plastic models that have been undercoated with GW white primer. With the black primer is leaves a stick black coating on the model. The guys with the kilts were brettonian archers. All the heads need sanding to leave a bald surface. The Custodians head came from a spare Mordian torso. The expressions on the Mordian Iron Guard is quite ideal for a penal custodian figure.

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