Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Victoria Minatures Taurox Prime Suspension conversion review

Victoria miniatures sell a suspension conversion pack that can be used with the Taurox and Taurox Prime vehicles to give them wheels instead of the tracked bogies they were designed with. Having acquired an Militarum Tempestus boxed set it seemed a good idea to try the conversion kit.

What you get for your money are 4 wishbone suspension arms for the front along with steering arms, and 2 suspension axles for the rear. These fit to 2 supplied transmission hubs and the 4 large wheels are attached. There are no instructions with the parts. The only info about how things go together must be gleaned from the Victoria Minatures website pictures. The supplied parts are in resin with quite a bit of flashing and mold lines. So before any assembly there is quite a bit of cleaning and tidying up of what are quite small and delicate components. Next comes assembly. This is quite tricky with the front wishbones as they do not sit firmly on to the transmission hubs. Essentially 4 small components have to be superglued correctly to each other and attached to the hub simultaneously, a job that required a few attempts to get right and superglue on the fingers.

At $18 US dollars the kit is not cheap and postage is an additional $10 dollars. It comes from Australia.

Below are the pictures of what has been achieved so far. As can be seen a bit of green stuff has been needed to cover gaps in the fit of the rear hub and one of its walls that had holes in it.

The weather here has been too windy for spray undercoating outside, so more pictures of the Taurox when this can be done.


Mordian7th said...

Sweet! I'm a big fan of the Victoria Lamb bits and kits, always high quality and looks great!

Artificer said...

This is the first Victoria Lamb kit I have used. I have to say I like the look of their 40k compatible figures. Cheers

Zzzzzz said...

I'm also a fan. Looking forward to seeing it finished. When the blasting winds move on a bit.

Artificer said...

Undercoating is done and painting of the interior has started. This was a mad decision as there is a lot of detail inside but it can only be viewed via the slit windows of the vehicle. I had hoped that I could hinge the back doors but the plastic moldings for the hinges for these doors were too fine to allow me to drill through and insert hinges.