Monday, 15 May 2017

Light Box

Having struggled to get decent photos of minis I decided to get a light box. A small DIY LED photo studio from Amazon cost just under £12. It seems to be worth the money although it is not bigh enough for some of the larger 40k minis. An Imperial Knight and a Leeman Russ fitted in just, anything bigger would be far too big. Here are some of my first efforts. Same compact cannon camera as ever. With the larger minis it was difficult to avoid some background shadow, perhaps more LED lights will be the solution.


Courtney Hollyoake said...

Nice. Photos are always a pain to get right, but that LED light box seems to give good results. Don't suppose you've got a link to it?

Artificer said...

You could try dropping this

"Photo Studio Tent, Mini Foldable Photography Studio Portable Light Box Kit with LED Light, LED Light Tent (22.6cmx23x24cm)+ Two Blackgrounds (White and Black), Shoot Amazing Pictures Like a Pro"

into the Amazon search.