Saturday, 13 May 2017

Inquisitor Greyfax

Slow progress but things seem to be finally coming together with this mini despite the disaster of losing Greyfax's hat brim while spray undercoating outside. I searched and searched the area of garden used and also the bin where the newspaper she was stood on had been placed to no avail. So only one thing left to do - make another one. Green stuff to the rescue again.

The figure beside her may become one of her henchmen or may not. It is assembling from bits left over in the bits box. The start of Saint Celestine lies at its feet.

More progress soon hopefully as a trip to the local Wargames store has replenished the paint supplies.


Zzzzzz said...

GS Millinary ?! Excellent work, I wouldn't have know if you hadn't have said.

Artificer said...

Thanks, the edge is a little bit thicker than the original but as you say without a comparison it is difficult to say. Cheers