Sunday, 8 February 2015

Back with a Stomp WIP and Grey Knights Strike #2

First off a bit of work in progress. The first of 2 Imperial Knights. A poor picture, rushed and the mini if you can call it that is not quite yet finished.

Grey Knights Strike Squad #2 is now finished. In the background another WIP, this time the building.

Finally for comparison the first Grey Knights Strike Squad.

Things are moving again after a hiatus. The Space Hulk minis are also now progressing, may show them soon, or not.


Ray Rousell said...


Greg Hess said...

Like the bases on the finished squad. They look great. Knight is coming along nicely, though I'd suggest some variance on his base! (different tones of flock maybe?)

Artificer said...

Thanks for the comments. I need to get some different grass stuff as all I have at the moment is the dried grass yellow.