Sunday, 26 October 2014

Grey Knights Again

Not much time for hobby this past month or 2 due to illness in family, but yesterday there was finally some time to photograph 2 projects. A Brother Captain "Stern". Fine cast is a nightmare to paint as the greasy surface needs good preparation before painting. Any tips. A spray of hardcote before the undercoat perhaps.

Secondly the Razorback transport for the Strike Squad, customised with some spare bits from the Dread Knight and some transfers.  Next Strike squad #2 is to be assembled  etc. And then another Razorback. After that a large transport either a Landraider or a Stormraven. The Stormraven is currently favourite. Next month marks the 7th year of this blog and only 2 more posts before the 250th. How much longer should it go on I wonder.


Greg Hess said...

On finecast...

Make sure to wash it with dish soap and water (some people use simple green soaking) before even starting. I used a soft bristle toothbrush to make sure each and every nook and cranny gets hit.

Gotta treat it like FW resin and make sure you get all that casting release off, otherwise you'll tear your hair out while painting.

Stern looks good! I think you could make that sword pop a bit more with some other blues mixed into the blade though!

Artificer said...

Hi Greg, I did not wash the mini as you suggest so that I did pull some hair out while painting. Also I agree and did think about adding some evidence of power to the sword blade to make it pop but did not feel up to it then but will do so eventually.
Thanks for the suggestions.

Greg Hess said...

I feel your pain. I had a metal model I had not painted for a few years. I primed it without washing it first. It was covered in oils from playing with it on the table top. About 3/4 of the paintjob was done, then paint started flecking off. Broke my heart.

Now I tend to wash nearly every finecast/metal model before working on them. I let them air dry.