Saturday, 23 February 2013

Steel Legion Veterans

Progress has been slow for many reasons including some fiddly conversions particulartly as all the minis and at least original metal steel legion torsos and legs. The veteran squad at the moment comprised 8 minis. An autocannon team, a heavy flamer, a melta gun, a sergeant and 3 lasrifle men. There are 2 minis to acquire. One must be a lasrifle man and one may have another special weapon, but which from a flamer, a sniper rifle, a plasma gun, or another meltagun. There is no easy answer. With and antocannon the squad has reasonable long range fire power and with the heavy flamer, excellent short range fire power. Is the solution another meltagun, or a plasma gun? Transport wise should it be a Chimera or equivalent from the Forgeworld Krieg range or a Valkyrie?

Valkyrie                                      Krieg Centaur

The colour scheme has been finalised with light bleached bone webbing and dark red helmets and rebreather masks to distinguish them from the other steel legion squads.

Here they are so far, none are actually completed.


Phil Morris said...

Liking the red masks. How about a grenade launcher? Good allrounder for low cost.

Artificer said...

Yes, don't know why I did not consider that -