Sunday, 3 February 2013

Steel Legion Veteran Squad #1

This is definitely a work in work in progress. There are only 6 minis in this squad so far. At present there are 3 legionnaires with lasrifles part painted. An undercoated veteran sergeant - another Ork head sergeant with the Ork holding arm removed and the laspistol arm from the standard sergeant added.

A standard sergeant part painted with both arms removed to be converted to a heavy flamer armed legionnaire. Finally to take advantage of ballistic skill of the veterans there is the autocannon conversion. This a Catachian metal autocannon was acquired on ebay. It has been mounted on a mix of plastic legs from the plastic mortar  and a green stuff axle and mountings for the wheels. The gunner is another conversion from the Ork head sergeant with plastic arms from the bits box. The squad needs to recruit 2 more lasrifle holding minis and 2 more special weapons, perhaps 2 plasma gunners.

The easiest way to distinguish the veterans from the standard Steel Legion troopers given that converting metal minis is hard work has got to be a paint job. Hence the red helmets for the part painted minis.

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