Sunday, 8 April 2012

Diversions from the Sisters of Battle

Some of the mini's in the collection have been inherited, some acquired because of their look and some obtained by chance. Often these minis not fitting in to the grand scheme of army collection or what is current languish unloved. Last week the time had come for some of these. Some abandoned Termagants, a Plague marine standard bearer had been sent by mistake by a with an order. An Eldar farseer had been ordered on a whim. All these minis had languished on a shelf unloved unpainted until the time came to break from the Sisters of Battle project.

Addendum :

The Farseer's robes were painted with Hawk Turquoise and washed with Leviathan Purple. To get the deep yellow on his armour the advice from the GW "How to Paint Citadel Minatures" was followed. Solar Macharius Orange, washed with Sepia and then yellow layered on top. The schemes were simple to apply. Perhaps a longer diversion into an Eldar Collection is possible.

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