Sunday, 1 April 2012

Arch Confessor Kyrinov inspires Celestinians

The Sisters tanks have been on the back burner this week. Some progress has been made on them and the second Immolator is almost finished but as a diversion Kyrinov has been completed. This is an old GW mini, still metal and not fine cast and unchanged since the second edition SoB codex. In this codex on page 7 there is a picture of Kyrinov on a pedestal inspiring some Valhallan IG to storm in to the attack. this gave the idea for the base, posing Kyrinov on one of the cases from the GW battle field accessories and leaning 2 SoB plaque icons against it to give a sisters feel to the mini. Although an older mini the sculpt is excellent. Kyrinov's state have been updated for the latest Sob Codex from WD last summer. As an addition to a Sisters force fora mere 90 points Kyrinov comes with WS 5 BS 5 initiative 4 fearless , a force weapon with an additional twist and a rosarius invulnerable save plus extras including faith extras. Plus and its a big plus he allows a Battle Conclave up to 10 minis from arcoflagellant through crusader to death Cult assassin.

Here he is in close up :

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