Saturday, 2 October 2010

Penal Legion More Progress and some causality

The second penal legion squad is progressing towards completion. I like the idea of the penal legion squads adding some randomness to the force they are attached to. In a competitive gaming environment where players select a power list to ensure a win by blowing or munching the enemy away typically the only factor that determines the winner is the chance of dice rolls. When this happens you can be certain that the winner is simply the luckiest player not the best general. Power list games often result in a draw. That's the law of averages. Adding a variable element to your force allows a player to rise to the occasion and show some generalship. What made Napoleon, Julius Caesar, Hannibal and Alexander the Great stand out was their ability to turn adverse circumstance to their advantage repeatedly and win despite conventional wisdom that they should lose.
Adding the handicap of not knowing exactly how your force will perform allows the player to demonstrate generalship. Winning through power listing shows the soul of an accountant. 

Here are the 2 squads :

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