Saturday, 30 October 2010

Favourite Minis - a bit off topic

A favourite range of minis from the GW has to be the Mordian Iron Guard. These are now on the collectors pages of the GW site but are not out of production. I find the poses and facial expressions better than the current Cadian plastic range which is reminiscent of modern infantry. The Catachians with their simets and US marine combats are too jingoistically yankee for my taste. Perhaps my preference is just nostalgia on my part as the Mordian Iron Guard were the first IG regiment I collected. I still have one squad left. The remainder have over the years been given away or sold on ebay. Whenever I can use them as veterans such as in an Inquisitor Lords Retinue, or as a veteran squad I do. The formal dress uniform of the Mordian Iron Guard is a bit a a Dan Dare type of futuristic army. Other IG minis I admire and feel are suitably scifi are the Steel Legion naturally and the Vostroyans. The plastics as on the box are unfortuately too retro for my tastes. Unfortunately because metal minis are so expensive now and getting ever more expensive as the GW refocuses it range on its plastics.

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