Friday, 6 August 2010

Movement Trays Need to be Used

Movement trays do need to be filled. The Bretonnians caught my eye while browsing the latest Warhammer rule book. So here they are :

Two boxes of them have been combined to give a mega squad of 28. Each box has 16 minis but 3 in each box are suitable only as part of a command squad. No shields yet except for the standard bearer. His is held in place by blu tack. Shields make painting difficult so won't feature until I have the squad finished.
 Out front are the 2 dog mascots. Next step is green stuff to fill some gaps, then sand and PVA glue for bases. After that its onto base coat spray and then painting in worn browns and grays. That's the plan anyway.

Here is one of the spares :-

Next time back to the steel legion or the Sisters new rhino. These are the main projects. I find that a bit of variety helps develop each project to fruition. Does anyone else find this?

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