Saturday, 14 August 2010

Inquisitorial Henchmen Conversions

Some simple conversions:

The mystic -
A simple conversion from a bright wizard.
Remove the staff and substitute a spare chainsword and glue a spare IG pistol in holster at his side.
The acolyte #1 -
I have never been a fan of the games workshop acolyte figure with the plasma pistol and a backpack full of grimoires. Acolytes have only 15 points for wargear the plasma pistol costs 15 points by itself. In the game the principal job of the acolyte is to take a hit for the inquisitor. There is no point then in giving an acolyte an expensive plasma pistol when he could be dead in the first turn. So here is the conversion. Chop off his plasma pistol hand and give it to an IG officer. Give hime a spare hand. Chop off his head and attach a catachian cool sunglasses head. Finally chop off the shrine at the top of the stick and give him a spikey weapon head. One cool acolyte at 8 points read to take the bullet for the Inquisitor.
The acolyte #2 -
This is an elf figure that came free with one of the White Dwarfs. Add one storm shield. Originally the base of a IG tank mounted hunter killer missile and one 18 point acolyte that might take several bullets for his inqisitor and survive
The close combat warrior -
This model started out as one of the Black Templars Chaplain Grimaldus' retinue of servitors. One of the flame throwing arm mounted balls has had spikey bits glued on to make it into a power club. The other arm attachment was removed, a blob of green stuff attached and bits of the plastic cadian circular vox arial attached to make a power fist.

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