Sunday, 31 January 2016

The Penal Legion Squads Came and Went

With the change from Imperial Guard to Astra Militarum the penal legion went. What happened to all these squads of penal legion canon fodder?

 In a game mechanic sense they were not so good but they could be fun if taking a beating was fun. With the reorganisation of the Imperial Guard to the Astra Militarum their previous serious indiscretions have been forgiven for continuing service to the Imperium and the Emperor and the 2 squads have been adopted in to a small platoon as part of the new Astra Militarum force organisation. It has also been an opportunity to reuse some older minis languishing in the bits box. Here is their new command squad.

It comprises 2 Mordian Iron Guard, one old style ratling an original rogue trader metal Imperial Guard and a storm trooper.

The conscript squad are also undergoing a reorganisation to make them in to a proper squad.


An abhuman mob rounded up as the dregs of the System are scraped for grunts to rebel against the Imperium.


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