Sunday, 9 March 2014

Too many things on the go to finish any

Nothing is finished. Everything is making slow progress. There is the Ecclesiarchy Immolator slowed by the decision to paint the interior after the hull had been assembled. Behind that just seen are 2 Space Hulk figures partly painted, then there is the Grey Knights Veteran Dreadnought and finally 8 Sisters of Battle. Should have been 4 but I forgot I had bid on the first lot on ebay before bidding on the second lot. But since all 8 were bargains there are no complaints about this bit of forgetfulness. The incomplete state of the multiple projects is why little has been posted over the last month.

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AJ said...

I feel your pain. Sometimes the more projects you have the less you get finished. I tend to feel swamped at times with things I want to get done, and this often leads to me getting burnt out of the hobby.

Despite that, from what I can see the Immolator is looking great. Cant wait to see these projects finished. :)