Sunday, 9 February 2014

Kill Team

A fun game of Kill Team using the recent digital release of rules for this 40k mini game. It took just under 1 hour to complete. The mission was head hunt. And while the 2 opposing teams were IG the selection of leaders traits gave meaning to the mission as on leader was identified as a Zealot. Clearly a dangerous sergeant that needed to be brought back in to line with the Imperium before he created an outbreak of heresy. As might be expected the Zealot triumphed in the end massacring  most of the IG platoon sent to hunt him down.

While kill teams should be only up to 200 points this was relaxed to approximately 240 to allow a full IG platoon plus sentinel to go after a rogue Veteran squad mounted in a chimera with an accompanying armoured sentinel.

Point is the game was fun and the rogue zealot won by 7 vps to 3 vpts.

So here is the set up and the casualties and the final positions.

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George Quail said...

I've played a few Kill-Team games, all of them at a slightly higher point value of 300. (Even then, I find that a bit of a struggle as a Chaos Space Marine player to have much in the way of choice.)

As you say, the games rattle in about an hour which makes it an ideal quick fix.