Sunday, 13 October 2013

Adepa Sororitas Troops Choice

Courtesy of the Black Library :

Immolators and crispy heretics.

A preview of the codex again courtesy of the Black Library :


ColKillgore said...

Thanks for the screen shot. 60 points for 5 bolters. 300 points for six squads. 65 point for a basic Immolator in the old codex, so six for 390. A guess of 690 for six sister squads in immolators, add another 100 points for weapons and upgrades so 790 for the Sister Immolator Swarm. Time to buy three or four more Immolators.

ColKillgore said...

opps bad math, 360 points for six squads so 850 for the Immolator swarm.


Artificer said...

Hi ColKG, 60 points is nothing in an immolator swarm - wait a minute - its another adepta squad.