Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Making Track Hangers

Part of the Medusa detailing madness has been a desire to make track hangers as shown in the Forgeworld Imperial Armour Masterclass. The problem is brass strip. Where to get some. They suggest waste runners from photo etched sheets from Forgeworld. Not convenient if you do not possess any. This morning between sleeping and awakening the answer popped into my mind. A common material soft but reasonably strong metal, the aluminium used in soft drinks cans. Just cut some out with a pair of scissors and there are easy track hangers.


Zzzzzz said...

I suspect that unless you glue the track links to the superstructure (in effect making your hangers cosmetic) then the ally hangers will quickly deform and not be track hangers any more. The brass is good for this as it is resilient. I got mine (the stuff I should use more. Oh wait, I've lost it in the garage....) from antenocti's workshop.

Having said all that, if they are just decorative and the weight is supported by adhesive, there shouldn't be problem.

Hope it helps.

Artificer said...

Yes you are correct the aluminium is not as robust as brass. I did consider how well they would withstand handling on the table top and decided to glue the tracks in place to give them a bit of protection. At the end of the day if they do go wrong they will be easy and cheap to replace.