Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Painting Block - revisited and unlocked

A month or so ago some of these minis were pictured in this pose when painting block was blogged. Hopefully the picture shows that painting block has been over come. Don't know how however. Base coats on the Ogryns, Saint Celestine finished, the bases for the Seraphims sorted, the paint scheme on the grey blue chimera progressing to Steel Legion and the Steel Legion flamer mini progressing with base coats and 2 arms created from plastic minis and in addition a new steel Legion mini to complete the Steel Legion veterans. Only 2 more missile launcher teams to be recruited (via ebay since GW have ditched the Steel Legion) to complete the planned Steel Legion army. It will comprise an HQ squad with 2 platoons of 2 squads each with 2 heavy support squads for each platoon. And as a third troops choice a squad of veterans with an autocannon. For heavy support there is a Demolisher and for fast attack a single Bane Wolf plus 2 Chimera transports. obviously the armoured support needs to be expanded. Requires a bit of thought. Suggestions welcomed.   

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