Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sawing up Osgiliath

Time has been spent or wasted, depending on how it turns out - see previous posts on the Steel Legion Mortar squad's bases. Some nice stone work has been extracted from the ruins of Osgiliath and made into walls protecting the mortar squad. Just decoration of course and does not give the squad a cover save of any sort unless behind real and agreed cover. Some liquid green stuff has been used to vary the bases from the usual gravel, flock finish. Work on the green stuff hand for the loader has proved more time consuming than anticipated but is probably nearly there. And the Bob Olley veterans have been examined again, perhaps 2 of them to get special weapons from a forgeworld Death Corps resin sprue.

The Sisters of Battle have not been forgotten as the real reason for acquiring the Osgiliath ruins was to enhance the jump pack Sister of Battle bases. And the last squads heavy flamer has been ordered from GW.

The prices on ebay are bonkers at the moment with steel legion and sisters minis advertised with steeply inflated p&p charges which along with unrealistic start bids ramp up the total cost to either within a few pence of the GW price of a new mini or in some cases beyond the price new from GW. It is all crazy.  

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