Saturday, 10 November 2012

Steel Legion Mortar Squad

The next Steel Legion project started is the mortar heavy weapons support squad.
Many a time the humble mortar squad has been derided as a poorly effective weapon. Yet  the psychological effect on an opponent's thinking of bolter strength blasts on power armoured opponents from weedy IG hidden behind a building or hill has sewn confusion on battle plans and diverted a disproportionate points value of assault troops to silence them. Mortar squads are  suicide mission often for the IG but at 60 points a squad are a bargain.
The mortar is from a Mordian Iron Guard crew (retired for now), the kneeling crew member is from a Lascannon crew via ebay and the loader is the standing at guard steel legion sergeant via ebay. The mortar shell's provenance is no longer known. An arm and a hand, a bit of green stuff and then its time to paint.


Kevin Spyrle said...

I for one love my mortars. So much so I have 3 full squads. Plus they can hold an objective in a pinch.

Artificer said...

Absolutely agree