Monday, 29 October 2012

Steel Legion Sergeants with Orks Head

There are only 2 Steel Legion Sergeant minis. Neither are particularly satisfactory. One is static pointing his laspistol and chain sword, while the other waves a severed Orks head. The static sergeant has been useful for heavy and assault weapons conversions as seen in my previous posts about meltaguns and heavy flamers for the Steel Legion. The Orks head Sergeant is OK but looks a bit out of context when fighting anything but Orks. You have to ask why would someone want to wave an Orks head at Chaos or Dark Eldar and why would they care. It would probably smell as well. So here are 3 conversions from this Sergeant. The Orky arm is sawn off at the shoulder and a new arm substituted with weapon of choice.  When converting the other sergeant to assault weapons etc there is usually a spare right arm. Simple and effective.

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