Sunday, 1 January 2012

Sisters of Battle Tank Reinforcements

Only one of the 3 tanks on the workbench got some TLC today. The current Sisters of Battle Immolator from Gamesworkshop is supplied as an exorcist plastic kit plus a box of additional metal components. But and it is an important but, there are no instructions supplied. Work out for yourself how these components go together. In addition the fit of the metal components to the plastic is not precise. To get a snug fit or an apparently snug fit requires some green stuff and some adjustment of the Immolator components. It is not a kit for the faint hearted or for those without some modelling tools.

One other problem here is that the GW design is a bit naff. There are 2 extra armoured panels for each side fore and aft yet in the centre of each side there is no reinforced armour, a ballistic nightmare. At the rear a ramp still opens in to a troop carrying compartment yet this lies under the exorcist missile launchers and should rightfully be a magazine for these weapons.

The solution is as shown on the previously blogged Exorcist is a bit of plasticard and some green stuff. To get the added metal panels to fit snugly requires some confidence and surgery on the plastic components, plus a good bit of sanding on the metal components.

To make sanding off of mould lines, flashing from metal parts two things are necessary - these are the excellent GW mini vice and some emery boards. Forget the GW boards, Tesco etc are much cheaper something like 10 for 69p in the value range and they work perfectly well.

The pictures are from this afternoon.


Ian Charles said...

Theres instructions on the GW website -

Artificer said...

Hey, Thanks for that bit of info. I must admit I never though to look there

Ian Charles said...

Yeah, its not the most obvious place.

Ian Charles said...

Also all the photos in this post have disappeared for me. Don't know if its a temporary glitch or something.

Artificer said...

Hopefully they are back now. No idea what happened