Sunday, 6 February 2011

Lord Commisar Erik Von Belisimar

Commander of the Belisimite IG personal army. This mercenary force dependent on abhumans, penal legionnaires and chemically impressed citizens is used by the imperium for its most underhand and marginal internal agent provocateur military activities and also to support field armies when lives are consumed as the currency of time. What Erik Von Belisimar uses in his rebreather system is unknown but rumours suggest that the chemicals he uses are mixed to boost his physical strength and augment his intellect while erasing his conscience. Other stories suggest that his breather system is a sham covering a system of consuming blood syphoned from humans and abhumans of his forces and his enemies.

As a leader with victories over Chaos as well as rebellious Imperial planetary governors Erik Von Belisimar is tolerated rather than trusted.

The leaders of the units of his force are below.

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