Saturday, 24 July 2010

Progress with the Steel Legion

No posts as time has been spent on holiday and painting 2 platoons of steel legion. They are not finished yet. What I am trying to do is to keep all the minis at roughly the same level of paintedness all the time. I find completing on squad at a time is disheartening when there are loads of models to do. The scheme is simplicity.
A white sprayed base coat. This was followed by a 50/50 mix of rotting flesh and bleached bone finely sprayed on. The coats were then washed with gryphonne sepia to give depth, then boots and helmets painted with calthan brown, trousers gey and weapons gun metal and all washed with devlan mud. Straps and respirators have been painted dheneb stone and are due to be carefully toned with gryphonne sepia and devlan mud. After that the coats need highlighting and tidying up.

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