Sunday, 21 March 2010

Simple kit bashing for Chimeras

The Battle Sisters force assembling on the moon of Bubo IX uses indentured Imperial Guard and Ecclesiastical Storm Troopers to deliver a wide front for its attacks but the core punch naturally comes from elite Battle Sisters Units. This force known locally as the Emperors Breath combines Imperial Guard support units from a variety of sources. The mechanised elements therefore need to look can look different. 

Here are 2 of the looks that I hope add a bit of character to this force.

As supplied to the indentured Imperial Guard Light Infantry armoured fist units.
The basic chimera has been modified with the addition of a fascine carried in front as a rough terrain modification.
The hull mounted lasguns have been blanked off with spare track as extra armour. The glacis plate hatch has been modified by moving it higher on the hull. Sisters of Battle iconography has been added to the rear entrance to hull. The turret has been markedy modified. The turret I always feel is the weakest part of the Chimera. Here a twin linked heavy bolter has been mounted. The turret hatch has been raised and spaced added armour plates, derived from spare dozer blades and hull bits from the spares box have been added. Overall it gives the model a more substantial presence. The twin linked turret heavy bolters have been mightily feared by opponents when the rules allow them to be deployed. 

The Ecclesiarchial Storm trooper's Chimera
has have a simpler modification process. tracks have been added to give extra armour protection. The turret still sports a multilaser, this time one from a sentinel kit. Extra armour plates around the turret, a raised turret hatch and comms equipment give a slightly superior feel to this model. Remarkably this model is also on its second paint job. Originally it was a dark brown while serving with the Steel Legion but on transfer to the Stormtroopers and Bubo IX a lighter sand coloured scheme was required.

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