Monday, 8 February 2010

Steel Legion Meltaguns

Meltaguns are in vogue with the current Imperial Guard Codex and 40k rules. The Steel Legion range of models special weapons - only in collectors on the GW site is limited to plasma guns and grenade launchers. I wanted a meltagun for my command HQ. Here is the conversion. First I used a sergeant body. The one with the detachable laspistol arm and the chain sword. The chain sword arm was amputated just above the elbo.

Next the melta gun was constructed and then 2 composite arms from the Warhammer militia bits. Gaps wer filled with green stuff. All the composite bits were pinned together for strength. The model needs a bit more trimming and tweaking. The pose is not comfortable but is acceptable, I think. But not now. The mini has had a rework here : meltaguns v 2

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