Sunday, 24 January 2010

Some more Demolisher Progress

Tracks are on now after some drybrushing. Next steps are highlighting and detailing and then adding the mud and grot that tanks accumulate. Note that I have decided to shorten the gun barrel back down to the original GW size. It looks cooler possibly.

Next step is to finish the tracks. I always find that the last gap for the last single link is always too small for the part. So I create a custom linke from one of the track parts.
I always try to put this weakest link under  the tank. After that high lighting the two base colours which are astronomicon grey and rotting flesh over a sand base coat.

The commander has no left arm yet as its not possible to insert and remover him from the turret with this in place. The sponson mounted plasma cannons are gun metal washed with devlan mud. The other project on the go is the penal legion squad. Deviant abhumans plus a custodian transferred from the Cadians. Finally back to the Inquisition there is a penitent engine to finish painting.