Sunday, 9 March 2008

Armoured Fist Chimera

The IG armoured fist unit was a compomise by a committee of desk pilots who had been investigated by Inquistor Ignatius Hawk for Xenos connections. The unit itself is not particularly fast unless if forgoes much of its fire power, it is not especially good at assault, it has a mediocre ballistic skill, and it lacks decent fire power for a unit that should be striking at the heavies behind enemy lines. One solution is to use the unit as a mobile firebase. To be effective an upgrade to the basic Chimera's firepower is sorely needed. A bespoke upgraded turret that houses one of the Cadian IG autocannons and a rebuilt front hull to mount a twin linked heavy bolter, while a heavy stubber graces the hatch on the turret. The squad needs to take ranged fire power that adds even greater punch.

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